PCD PHARMA FRANCHISE – India is the hub of pharma sector. There are number of companies who are manufacturing pharma products and looking for someone to retail the products at their area. These companies are known as pharma franchise company.

PCD Pharma Franchise

If you are interested in getting PCD pharma franchise, then you can find thousands of companies. But you must choose the one which is reliable.

Lxora Life Sciences is rapidly growing pharma company that is looking for franchise partner to market their products.

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What is PCD Pharma Franchise?

Indian pharmaceutical sector is so big. India ranks at second position in population. Taking care the health of our people is in the hands of pharma companies. Production of medicines is very high in India and that is the reason, there are many pharma companies.

More and more peoples have started pharma company and are marketing their products through offering PCD pharma franchise.

PCD models had been so much popular seen it’s been originated in India and it is still the most profitable business because of the profit it’s been providing.

PCD stands for Propaganda cum distribution. This term is use for marketing and distribution rights. A pharma company provide its products to the franchise partner, be it a person or a group, and gives the full right to retail them at their area. You have to fulfil some legal requirements to get the pharma franchise.

Why get PCD pharma Franchise?

There are so many reasons to invest in pharma franchise. India is the second most populous country with 1.3 billion population. This could be a reason that Indian pharmaceutical sector is so vast.

You will never find any other franchise providing such a good return on low investment. You will need few thousands to get the stock.

There will be no work pressure. You can earn hefty amount of money without any sales target. The earning will depend upon the strategy you are using to market the products.

You will get PCD pharma franchise at complete monopoly rights which means that you will be the sole retailer of the product in your area. No other person can sell the same product, and only you’ll decide the rate of the product.

With the presence of so many pharma franchise company, you can easily find someone whom you can rely on. Lxora Life Sciences is offering you PCD pharma franchise at low investment and monopoly rights.

You can follow the below steps to check the most trustworthy company because your decision will definitely affect your business. So, you better take your time and get the best result.

How to find right company for PCD pharma franchise?

There are number of pharma companies. A little research about the company can make your future. You need to get a list of four or five companies. You can check their websites and their social presence to examine their reputation. You can go through the terms and condition of the company to examine the legitimacy.

You must check the availability of pharma franchise at your area. If there is vacancy at your area, you can ask further details. If not, search for the next.

You can contact them and ask for samples of the products. Take the samples to your nearest pharmacist and check the molecules used. If product is made of quality material, then contact the company and ask for product list and price list.

A reputed company must have good range of products. Compare the products list of different company and choose the one which you think is better.

Check out the payment method. Some companies prefer advance payment. Clear all the details before signing off the deals.

Next, you can place an order and complete the payment process. After receiving your products, you are ready to market the products.

Requirements to Start PCD Pharma Franchise

There is no big demand of pharma companies that might confuse you. You need to know little about the pharma sector. If you are already experienced, then it would be easier for you to start a business.

You can’t start any franchise without knowing about it, risk associated with it, investment needed, and other essential things. It would be better to get in-depth detail about the pharma franchise.

You are not required to carry bachelor or master degree. Even some companies check 12th standard certificate.

You must know your near pharmacist and doctors which will be beneficial for you to retail your products. If you don’t know your near pharmacists or doctors, you may not sell your products which will affect your business.

You can buy or rent a store to keep your stock. It is up to your financial status if you want to buy or rent.

A Wholesale drug license and TIN no. is needed which is issued by drug control department and commercial tax department of your state respectively.

Other requirement details will be provided by the company you chose to work with. Our team at Lxora Life Sciences will guide you at every step.

Choose Lxora Life Sciences to get PCD Pharma Franchise

Lxora Life Sciences is growing rapidly. And we are looking for someone who is serious in growing his business. We are ISO certified company and our products are GMP-WHO approved. These certificates are the proof of the quality of our products.

GMPWHO certified means that our products are according to pharma standard and are timely manufactured. If you choose us, your products will never get out of stock.

For us, health of 1.3 billion people is the priority. Keeping in mind the quality, of medicines we use modern techniques and latest machinery to manufacture the products.

We are providing PCD pharma franchise in every state of India. Our Product categories include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Derma range
  • Eye & ear drops
  • Herbal range
  • Infusions (i.v.)
  • Injectables
  • Paediatric range
  • Protein powder & energy drink

We will provide you the product that you want to retail at your location. We will provide you the best service ever. We have so many happy customers. If you are interested to join hands with us and get the PCD pharma franchise, below is our contact details. You can contact anytime. Our team is available to assist you.

Contact Information:

Address: SCF-509, 1st Floor, Motor Market, Manimajra, Chandigarh (India)-160101

Address: A/O -SCO-5 Turning Point CBD Belapur Navi Mumbai

Address: 1702 Business Tower Business Bay Dubai (UAE)

Phone: +91-76985-66666, +91-99157-19321

Mail: lifescienceslxora@gmail.com

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