Pharma Franchise For Antibiotics

Pharma Franchise For Antibiotics Medicines

Pharma Franchise For Antibiotic Medicines – There is a great need of antibiotics medicines. These medicines are manufactured widely in India. There are many people who are allergic to something and fell sick due to some bacteria. Antibiotics are available in every home.

The growing need of antibiotics help pharma sector to manufacture these medicines in a greater extent. If you have some knowledge in the field of antibiotics range of medicine, then you can also get benefited by investing in “pharma franchise for antibiotic medicines”.

Lxora Life Sciences which is a greatest manufacturer of antibiotics is offering pharma franchise for antibiotic medicines at very affordable rate all over India. We are 2020s most trusted brand for antibiotic medicines.

Pharma franchise for antibiotics

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Products at Lxora Lifesciences for Pharma Franchise For Antibiotics Medicines

We are manufacturing antibiotic medicine which are WHO/GMP approved. Some of our products are mentioned below:


This is non-steroidal inflammatory drug which is composed of ETORICOXIB 90MG. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis, then Etoricoxib 90mg helps to reduce pain and swelling.

It controls the effect of enzyme COX-2 that make other chemical called prostaglandins which help in easing the pain and inflammation.


It is composed of ETORICOXIB 60 MG + THIOCOLCHICOSIDE 4 MG. It works same like KOXILEX-90 mg by stopping COX-2 enzyme and elevates pains and inflammation due to arthritis or osteoarthritis. It also helps in treating pain after dental surgery.


It is composed of PANTOPRAZOLE 40 MG & DOMPERIDONE 10 MG tablets. Pantoprazole is helps in treating peptic ulcer and Domperidone is use in treating vomit and nausea. It can also helpful in treating gastric oesophageal reflux acid.

Chemoreceptor trigger zone (CTZ) causes nausea and vomiting. This medicine blocks CTZ and treat the disease.

Lxora Lifesciences deals with other products range also. If you are interested, then you can get the “pharma franchise for antibiotic medicines”. We will offer you the best deal.

Demand of Antibiotics Products in India

Demand of antibiotics is increasing day by day. With the increasing pollution and weak immune system, people fall sick very rapidly. This increases the demand of antibiotic medicines.

According to a study, India was the highest consumer of antibiotics medicines in the world in year 2010. Also, people in India died largely due to some infection. This volume reflects the need of antibiotic medicine in India.

With increasing medicine, the need of selling these products is also very essential. There are many pharma companies who are manufacturing antibiotic medicines. And these companies are offering “pharma franchise for antibiotic medicines” in almost every state of India.

You can get the advantage of getting this and start your own business.

Why Choose Lxora Lifesciences to get Pharma Franchise For Antibiotics Medicines

Lxora Life Sciences is growing rapidly in pharmaceutical field. We are the 2020s best manufacturer of antibiotics products and other range. Our products are recognized due to its quality.

You will get pharma franchise for antibiotic medicines at monopoly rights and at very low rates. This is the very profitable deal that you can think of. We provide antibiotics medicines in the form of tablets & capsules, paediatric, syrups, injections & iv fluids, herbal & ayurvedic, drops, derma products, protein powder, and cosmetic products.

We are offering 200+ products. We are serving our country people with the best service ever. We take care of the quality of our antibiotic products.

If you want to grow your business, then Lxora Life Sciences is offering you this opportunity. You can get pharma franchise for antibiotic medicine at your area and ready to run your business.

You can contact us at below given address to know the requirement, product list and rates, or other necessary information. Our professional team will guide you in every step.

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